Laser Dolly

Like the Rollaboat Tote for Sunfish and Optimist, the Laser Dolly is lightweight and convenient. It is custom designed for the Laser Sailboat and makes it easy to pull your boat around the club. Prepare for the regatta by using a Rollaboat Tote for Laser and easily launch your boat for the race.

The lightweight caddy is an inexpensive alternative to bulky trailers and cheap imitations. The Rollaboat tote is so small, you can carry it easily, throw it into the trunk of your car, and even put it in the boat slot while it is car-topped. Take it with you to all sailing races, regatta’s or having fun on the lake or at the beach. Connecting is a one-person operation, just lean the boat over and slide the pallet into the daggerboard slot.

The Rollaboat Tote for Laser is pre-assembled. Open the box and no assembly is necessary. Put it into the daggerboard slot of your Laser and wheel it to the water.

This durable dolly is one solid piece of all-welded steel construction and can hold up to 400 pounds. The wheels are inflated with sealed ball-bearings for use in any weather or climate.

The Rollaboat Laser caddy will float if dropped in the water, so it’s ideal for dock launching in deep water.

One-person Laser Operation
One-person Laser Operation

The Rollaboat Laser dolly can be used to store your boat in the upside-down position to protect it from all kinds of weather from winter snow to tropic rain.

The Rollaboat Tote for Laser mini-trailer is a great value for the whole fleet. Once the other members of your sailing club see it, they will all want one. Contact us for fleet discounts.

Easily pull the Laser on its wheels
Easily pull the Laser on it's wheels